Video Production

· HD recording

· 4 camera perspectives

· extra filmlight

· stereomix from the mixer (rough-mix)

· playout for film platforms like YouTube


High End


· recording during the concert

· optimal single-track post-processing

· balance adjustment of all tracks plus various effects

· sound post-processing of noise (up to 4 tracks included)

- further tracks and further options can be booked cheaply


3 Song-Package
The 3 songs can be selected by you after the concert.


Complete Concert


Please ask for prices!

Please bring a USB flash drive with enough memory!

Demosong with Studio-Mix

Would you like a demo song with a studio mix or a professional CD?

DIE LUKE offers artists a professional live recording of their concert with high-quality mixing.

The desired songs are mixed by our experienced sound engineer, Alex, after the concert and can be bought individually or as a complete CD. Song arrangements are also possible.

He can look back on a successful career in his home town under his artist name, Alex Wartan. You can hear some of his own compositions at: